Yoga for Mast Cell Disease Patients

Find some peace in stressful times with these 30 min “all levels” Yoga classes centered around healing and gentle stretches, prerecorded videos that you can participate in at any time.  We are grateful to Jan Marie Smith for providing these for our community. You will be guided through a gently paced practice that changes weekly. Come with an open heart and comfy clothes. Open to any fitness level.  Some of the videos will include: Wall Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra (breathwork), Yoga for Gut Health, Guided Meditation.

Let’s connect thru yoga, positive visualization and the breath
About Jan Marie Smith

Jan Marie Smith is a long time swimming, fitness and yoga instructor. Her specialties are Water Yoga, Guided Meditation & Anusara Yoga (yoga from the heart). Jan Marie studied yoga for 2 years at Metropolitan State University CO and obtained several certifications thru AEA and NETA, also certified in Teen Yoga and Guided Meditation. For nearly 15 years, she has been teaching at a beautiful hot springs in Colorado introducing her Water Yoga and yoga classes to guests from all over the country and the world. Jan Marie has been a support group leader for the Mastocytosis Society for over a decade. Introducing mast cell folk to alternative exercise, guided meditation and breath work is her goal. All fitness levels are welcome to participate.  She also specializes in yoga and stretching for people with EDS and hyper mobility.

TMS Yoga Disclaimer

All exercise, including yoga, involves a risk of personal injury. TMS is not responsible for any injuries (including without limitation serious injury or death) or losses suffered by participants of the online yoga classes made available on TMS’s website. Participants of these online yoga sessions are responsible for their own health and well-being. If you are unsure whether yoga is safe for you (e.g., due to injury, illness, pregnancy, etc.), please first consult with your physician before participating in these yoga classes. The techniques and suggestions presented through these online yoga classes are not a substitute for proper medical advice. TMS is not a licensed medical care provider, and represents that it has no expertise in determining the effect of any specific exercise or movement on a medical condition. TMS makes no representations or warranties with regard to the completeness of information offered in the online yoga classes made available on its website.  Not all movements presented in these online classes will be suitable for all persons. Yoga practice requires you – the practitioner – to gauge the safety of your practice within your personal physical, mental, and emotional limitations. It is better to build up slowly than to force and strain. Please be mindful of how your body feels during your practice, and modify as necessary. 

TMS does not represent or guarantee that:

– You will not suffer from any injury arising directly or indirectly as a result of these online yoga classes made available on its website;

Your fitness or wellbeing will measurably improve as a result of participating in the online yoga classes made available on its website; or,

The online yoga classes made available on its website will continue to run for any specific period.

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