Support Group Rules and Regulations

Support Group Rules and Regulations

Patients join TMS support groups because they are seeking support. However, clashes of personalities, misinformation, inappropriate conversations, and power plays can happen. Rules and regulations regarding the interactions and behaviors of everyone attending the meetings will be enforced. These rules and regulations have been formed with the support of TMS SGL’s and TMS staff.

Each member must agree to the following:

  • Respect the group leader/moderator- they are the only one in the group that’s in charge! Abide by stated expectations and timelines given. Each group is different!
  • Be respectful of everyone and keep in mind that we all have different struggles.
  • Do not interrupt others while they are speaking.
  • Please keep your camera ON and keep your mic OFF. Only unmute when you are speaking.
  • If you wish to speak, please raise your hand physically or click the “raise hand” button on Zoom.
  • Please keep in mind we must accommodate and include everyone and be respectful of the allotted time frame.
  • If someone/something is causing stress/distress, we will ask them to stop once. If it continues, the SGL has the discretion to mute the offender and speak with them privately.
  • Understand that if you are pulled out of a group into a breakout room to address an issue, this is done out of respect for others, the moderator/leader, your reputation, and privacy, and/or to address needs that cannot be addressed in a support group format.
  • If we feel someone is not a good fit for a specific group, we have the discretion to remove them or defer them to a support group that meets their needs.
  • If a member wants to share a piece of art, song, poetry pieces, etc., it needs to be approved by the SGL before being shared in a support group meeting.
  • Medical advice will not be allowed in groups. Questions related to medical needs should be sent to the Nurse Line at
  • If you need extensive support, please contact the Nurse Line (, or email your SGL privately. This is to keep discussion flowing and allow all to receive equal support.
  • There will be no sharing of your social media or Go Fund Me. If you would like to connect with others outside of group, please share only your email in the chat box. However, you will need to understand that this will share your info. SGLs will not act as middleman to connect members with each other outside of group.
  • Parties, Game Nights, etc: These groups are not the place for discussions on hardships or illnesses. These events are organized to provide some light-hearted fun and build connections. You will be directed to a more appropriate group if this occurs.
  • Be aware that not everyone experiences illness in the same way, has the same triggers, or views the same situation similarly. Please support each other; this is why you are here in this group.
  • Attendees are to email for any questions or concerns regarding the groups.

Current as of March 2023

*By registering, you acknowledge and agree to follow TMS Support Groups Rules and Regulations

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