Sexuality Support Group Guidelines

Sex and sexual health are important subjects to talk about and often there are not enough resources and guidance for navigating the countless ways they intersect with our chronic health issues. They can also be really sensitive and personal topics to discuss. To help make this a comfortable and safe space for as many people as possible, we have some guidelines for this group:

  • This group is LGBTQIA+ friendly, and welcomes all genders, races, lifestyles, relationship styles, etc. and is a supportive, inclusive, and sex-positive space for any folks with, or suspected of having, Mast Cell Diseases to discuss any concerns or questions around sexuality, sexual health, sex education, or relationship issues.
  • All members of the group must be 18+ due to the subject matter. No bullying or discrimination will be tolerated and those who cannot treat others with kindness and respect will be asked to leave and not return. Discussion of any sex acts (including kink/BDSM/etc.) that occur between consenting adults is allowed, but please be considerate of others and preface by sharing particularly sensitive information. 
  • When referring to STIs, avoid using terms that shame others (ex: use terms such as “negative” or “positive” when referring to STI results, rather than alternatives). This group respects each person’s bodily autonomy and their reproductive rights, including abortion, and the validity of these rights are not open to debate in this group.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, this group is for cis and trans women, and non-binary individuals, and while we will not police anyone’s gender or identity we ask that this space be respected and those who identify as men do not attend at this time. 
  • When navigating sex and sexual health, sometimes topics arise that can be of a particularly sensitive nature. In order to make this a comfortable space for everyone, we ask that these topics be prefaced with a content warning: 

How to give a content warning:

  1. Content warnings should be given for particularly sensitive topics such as sexual assault (SA), abortion, and discussion of “intense” kinks such as edge play or age play, etc. 
  2. To give a content warning, either state the subject matter before sharing details to give folks an opportunity to mute the chat before things are shared, or you can reach out to the support group leader via private DM and let them know the subject matter before you speak and they can announce the content warning. 
  3. The support group leader will hold up a sign or post in the chat when the subject is no longer being discussed.
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