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Pediatric Resources

Aug 21, 2019

Welcome to the Pediatric Resources page! TMS will be posting items of interest here every month.  If you would like more information or have suggestions for topics to cover, please email TMS Pediatric Committee Wendy Ringer, Chair Susanne Bragg Jennifer Mohr Stacy Sheldon, Support Liaison MARCH 2020 March is known as the start of […]

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Pediatric Advocacy

May 03, 2019

How to Be a Strong Advocate for Your Child:   Working with medical and school professionals can be intimidating.  As a parent or guardian, you know your child’s history, challenges, and strengths best – which makes you your child’s strongest advocate. You are a vital part of the medical and school team working towards the […]

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Pediatric Facts in Brief

Nov 21, 2016

Pediatric Mast Cell Diseases Facts in Brief Download the Full Document Here> The Mastocytosis Society, Inc. By Valerie M. Slee, RN, BSN, Mishele Cunningham, RN, BSN, PHN, and Susan Jennings, PhD Pediatric mast cell diseases, a group of rare diseases, are characterized by either the presence of too many mast cells in the skin or […]

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The Mast Cell Disease Society, Inc. Announcement

Feb 04, 2020

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Richard Herrscher, MD

Aug 30, 2019

Dr. Richard Herrscher has helped thousands of patients overcome the frustration of allergies since beginning his medical career in 1997. He is a well-respected, award-winning allergy specialist and immunologist with offices at AIR Care in Dallas and Plano, Texas. Dr. Herrscher focuses heavily on symptoms as well as the underlying issue of an immune system […]

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A Note from the Research Chair

Jul 18, 2019

July 2019 Hello Mast Cell Disease Community! Our TMS Research Team continues to work hard on a variety of exciting initiatives! See the Research Committee Activities page for a listing of some of our key projects. We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Hamilton, MD (Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard University, MA), and colleagues, have been […]

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Jennifer Veit DC

Jun 10, 2019

I am a pediatric chiropractor who has been introduced to MCAS via my patients. I am happy to play a supportive role in my patient’s healthcare and we have found that body work in various forms has helped with body pain and generalized well being.

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Steven V. Stryk

Mar 21, 2019

Patients must have an elevated tryptase above lab normals to schedule an appointment for Mastocytosis or MMAS.

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Cheyanne Perry

Feb 07, 2019

A woman stood amongst the rubble, solemnly watching as the emergency crew prepared her husband for transport. An officer contorted his face with a hardened expression, delivering the unfortunate news. It was assumed he fell asleep behind the wheel. The predicted outcome was grim. Despite numerous miscarriages, the young newlyweds were unknowingly parents the day […]

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