Sarah’s Journey to Diagnosis

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a Carcinoid Cancer Tumour in my appendix they call it Neuroendocrine Cancer now.

In 2013 I developed symptoms of asthma, flushing, tachycardia and severe abdominal cramping, throat swelling these symptoms were very similar to Carcinoid Syndrome but once it was ruled out a doctor suspected Mastocytosis I then had a BMB which was negative.

I was told to watch my diet and I moved forward. In 2019 all the symptoms came back but worse. This time I was evaluated for MCAS and sure enough I was diagnosed. The meds have made a tremendous difference with my quality of life now.

Now that I know what it is we can treat it better and I am able to tolerate exercise and working again. Each day brings new challenges but now that I have a diagnosis I can treat symptoms accordingly, avoiding triggers or seeing my doctor for assistance with new symptoms is helping. A positive mindset as well as good food choices and avoidances has helped me live with this diagnoses.

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