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*NEW!*  INSPIRE Forum:

We are excited to announce that The Mastocytosis Society, Inc (TMS) recently launched a new online community called Mast Cell Diseases Unite on Inspire. We take our members privacy seriously and want you all to have a safe and comfortable forum to post your medical questions, share your experiences and ideas and receive emotional support.

Inspire’s format provides the option of setting up an anonymous profile with privacy settings under your control. The Inspire team offers 24/7 moderation to keep our community free of spam and other problems, so we can focus on supporting your needs. If you have any registration questions or problems, contact Inspire’s help desk.  Our TMS volunteer RNs will also be moving to Inspire to educate on mast cell diseases and respond to your posts.

Come join us today at

Here is the webinar offered on October 8 2018:

Here is a link to the slides we presented during the October 8 2018 webinar above.

Inspire tours (tutorials) :

Privacy tour:

Navigation tour:

Member homepage tour:

Community homepage tour:

Coming soon for Android too!


“Public” Facebook TMS News Page:

Follow us also on our public Facebook News page for patients, family members and caregivers!  It’s shareable!  TMS will be posting news, health tips, upcoming events and awareness!

Click here: The Mastocytosis Society Inc News



“Closed” Facebook TMS Peer Support Page:

You can also join our closed Facebook support page where members can provide peer to peer support, information about your disease, as well as sharing family stories and photos.

Click here:  TMS Closed Support Group


Local TMS Support Group Facebook Pages:

Many local TMS Support Groups also have their own Facebook pages.

Click here to contact the one near you!


NEW!!! International Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Diseases Website:

New 10/12/18!!!   “Connecting for a Better Future – Our Future”… Every participating country has its own page on this website with links to support and care in their area.  This site will develop as more countries join.  This website also supports International Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Disease Awareness Day information and activities.