Remembering Dr. Austen

TMS would like to honor the life of a mast cell pioneer, Dr. K. Frank Austen. 

Dr. Austen paved the way for many of our scientific discoveries related to mast cells and mast cell disease symptomology. He was a longstanding leader in the immunology field and lead Brigham and Women’s Hospital for several decades. He mentored many of our mast cell disease specialists and helped them chart their own paths as leaders in mast cell disease treatment and research. His impact on the field will be sorely missed. 

Our own Dr. Mariana Castells was one of Dr. Austen’s mentees. Dr. Castells shared with us one of her favorite articles that she and Dr. Austen wrote together. She asked us to share it with the community in his honor!

Download “Mastocytosis: Mediator-Related Signs and Symptoms.”

Read more about Dr. Austen’s life and legacy from the Brigham Bulletin.

*The photo of Dr. Austen included in this post is used with the permission of the Brigham Bulletin.

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