• What is the purpose of this database?TMS is providing this database as a service to patients, caregivers, families, physicians and other health care professionals who are seeking appropriate care for mast cell disorders. In addition, this database will serve as part of the infrastructure for the future network of centers collaborating across the Americas in research, education, and patient care, which is currently in development.
  • If I search by state, does that mean physicians only see patients from that state?Not necessarily. There are some physicians who may limit what patients they see outside of their home state in order to prioritize serving residents of their own state, but overall, most physicians will see any patient who fulfills their pre-admission clinic criteria.
  • If a practice states that I must have a physician to refer me, and I do not have a physician, what do I do?Few if any of the physicians we are aware of will allow self-referrals. There is a reason for this. There are only so many slots at the few centers that see mast cell disorder patients. The physicians who see patients want to be very sure that patients who book appointments have been prescreened by their own physicians to genuinely have symptoms and diagnostic tests which indicate mast cell disease. At TMS, we see hundreds of patients each week who read about mast cell disorders and suspect that they might have one. The next step is for them to see their own primary care physician and/or allergist and get the screening tests done. In this way, the appointment slots will be reserved for those patients who definitely need to be seen. If a patient does not yet have a physician, he or she can start by getting established with a primary care physician who can assess them and refer them if necessary. https://tmsforacure.org/overview/  https://tmsforacure.org/tests/
  • If a physicians is listed, does that mean that TMS is endorsing the physician’s care?No. Physicians may self-enroll in this database, and we will have no way of knowing anything about most of the physicians who enroll. However, after they submit an enrollment form, a TMS Physician Database Nurse will contact them and discuss their practice parameters and preferences. This will help us to provide the most up-to-date information in the database to help you select a physician appropriate for your care.
  • If I see a physician and find out that he or she practices differently than what is stated on the database, what do I do?If the information in the database does not appear to be accurate, or differs from your experience, please contact the Physician Database nurse at databaseRN@tmsforacure.org.
  • How do I include my own physicians in this database?Simply give them the website, www.tmsforacure.org/physiciandatabase . They can self-enroll, edit, or remove themselves at any time!
  • Can I just enroll my own physician by using the physician entry portal?No. This portal is for physicians only. The built in safeguard is that the Database Registry Nurse calls the physician who submitted an enrollment to verify its source, and to discuss practice parameters and preferences. No entry goes “live” until this vetting process has been completed and the Database Nurse has approved the entry.
  • Do you have a question not included here?Please contact our TMS Physician Database Nurse at databaseRN@tmsforacure.org.