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Markku Partinen

Helsinki Sleep Clinic
Board Certifications: Sleep medicine
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Monoclonal Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MMAS), Non-Clonal Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (idiopathic MCAS)



Professor Markku Partinen, MD, PhD, FAAN, is a neurologist and Director of the Helsinki Sleep Clinic, Vitalmed Research Centre, Helsinki, and Principal Investigator of Sleep Research at Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Helsinki, Finland. He is an internationally well-known expert in sleep. He has had many International positions in different research societies including Member of the Scientific Board and Vice-President of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS), President Elect and President of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM), Coordinating Secretary of the World Federation of Sleep Research Societies (WFSRS) and President of the Scandinavian Sleep Research Society. He became interested in sleep research while studying medicine at the University of Montpellier, France. He has worked as a postdoc researcher at Stanford University, USA in 1985-86 and in Bologna, Italy in 1987. He has published more than 330 original International articles in peer reviewed Journals in addition to more than 300 reviews and book Chapters. He has also authored several books. His Hirsch factor (h-factor) is 59 in ISI Web of Sciences. His current interests include daytime sleepiness, narcolepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome in relation to mast cell activation.