In Memory of TMS Founding Member Rita Barlow

Apr 01, 2021

This week we lost a dear friend and advocate of the mast cell disease community, Rita Barlow. We are deeply saddened by this loss given her unwavering commitment to patients and TMS for many years. Rita served as TMS Chair from 2002-2009, Vice Chair 2009-2018 and as director emeritus after her retirement. Over the years, Rita shared with us her compassion, welcoming spirit, and enormous capacity for love and support.

Rita launched our support group program and was never happier than when she was at a support group. In honor of Rita and her family, we have named this program the “Rita and Jim Barlow Support Program,” a patient and caregiver support group program that provides a community of hope. Today, this annually reaches thousands in our community.

Thank you Rita and the Barlow family for all you have done for our patient community.

Please share your remembrances/pictures of Rita to