Become A Fundraiser

Become a Fundraiser

We can help!

We want your event to be as successful as possible and look forward to supporting your fundraising efforts. As you engage our community to support patients, caregivers, and physicians, let these guidelines help in the planning and organization of your event. 

Fundraising Info

Here are some ways we can help:

  • Provide a crowdfunding platform to start your fundraiser today!
  • Help you brainstorm your event and share tips for success.
  • Determine which area to support with TMS. We have a variety of options to fit your passion!
  • Provide TMS’s logo. Please note, all materials using our logo must be pre-approved by us.
  • Attend a celebratory check presentation, where our Board, Staff, and Volunteers are present.
  • Provide a tax-deductible receipt to you, the organizer of the event, for your financial gift.
  • Cheer you on each step of the way!

Here’s what we’ll rely on you for:

  • Develop or print materials for your event.
  • Solicit sponsorships or in-kind support. Please share your list with us for pre-approval prior to solicitation.
  • Assist with outside publicity (newspaper, radio, television, etc.)
  • Provide administrative or financial support, insurance, etc. for your event. 

To give you a jumpstart, here are a few fundraising event ideas:

  • Art exhibition
  • Bake sale
  • Craft sale
  • Athletic Event (golf outing, bike ride, 5K, bowling)
  • Birthday parties
  • Bar/bat mitzvahs
  • Car washes
  • Lemonade Stands
  • Coin drive
  • Dine out for a cause
  • Dance marathon
  • Fashion show
  • Ice cream social 
  • Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  • Gaming Tournament
  • Yard Sale 
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