Volunteer Job Postings

Volunteers Needed!

If you would like to volunteer for TMS, first please look over the many opportunities which are currently available and see if any of them match the talents you have to share. Then, please go to https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/ and fill out the Volunteer application and submit it to TMS – Please SPECIFY which job(s) you are interested in and how much time you could donate. We look forward to reviewing it! Even if you do not see a volunteer opportunity that interests you below, do not hesitate to submit an application and specify your particular job interest – We can always use help in other areas and we’ll set up a call to chat about the possibilities!  Thank you very much for volunteering!

Graphic Design:

We are looking for graphic designers to work in collaboration with Susi Jennings in Research, Courtney Rabb in Fundraising, and Jan Hempstead in Patient Care to make infographics for Website, FB, and medical conference displays, be able to update business cards, and other projects.

Grant Writers:

Always needed!

Medical Conferences:

Conference Project Manager:

TMS exhibits at 4-5 medical conferences each year, usually September – April. We would love to have someone proficient in project management and/or event planning that would like to take on the Medical Conference planning, supervised/assisted by the Education Chair. This involves using the conference websites to fill out forms/orders, arranging dates for material transport from our storage facility to/from the conference sites, and coordinating volunteers to man the exhibits. This also involves working closely with our Materials Manager to keep items in stock (brochures, etc) and coordinate shipments.

Conference On-Site Point-Person:

TMS exhibits at 4-5 medical conferences each year, usually September – April. We would love to find one or two people who would always travel to the conference exhibits to be our point-person on site.  Medical conferences involve working with/overseeing 1-3 other volunteers helping you with the exhibit, air travel, standing for long periods while greeting physicians and explaining our materials, 3-5 night stay at hotels with the usual cleaning odors/foods/etc, ability to work in a large open convention center with the usual carpet off-gassing odors/perfumes/lighting/etc., unpacking/setting up and dismantling/packing the display with help of the other volunteers there.

Pediatric Committee:

We are looking for folks with medical, educational, or social work pediatric experience to expand our Pediatric Committee. This would involve suggesting topics, sourcing/submitting articles for the Peds page of the TMS website, offering assistance/support to members with questions via email and/or FB, knowledge of educational/travel/social accommodations, inspiring initiatives to bring this community together, etc.

IT Committee:

Website Editors:

We have a WordPress Website. Do you know how to manipulate/program/code WordPress? We’d like to make some changes to the organization of our pages, troubleshot problems, etc….

Or …have you just worked a bit on WordPress before? We also need people who know how to just add/edit/update items on already established pages. (Some folks know how to completely set these websites up and some folks just know how to add/edit posts. We need both!)

Full Stack Web Developer and IT Manager:

We are searching for an independent contractor who is also regularly available to help with any immediate issues.

Full stack development with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Add or fix basic website features to existing theme code. Adjust code to allow secondary/tertiary dropdown menus. Have the ability to write MySQL queries and tables.

Function as webmaster as needed to manage WordPress website and database. This includes consolidating WordPress database, website files, refactoring any legacy code and other maintenance to improve website speed and performance. Assess current hosting provider and transfer site if necessary. Provide recommendations and any other needed best practices for users.

 Set up Google for Nonprofits, including transferring email accounts for all board and committee members. Perform other IT tasks and support as needed.  Please fill out the volunteer form on the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/  specifying your job interest and IT experience or email questions to secretary@tmsforacure.org

More on the IT Committee:

Looking for experienced computer, A/V and webinar individuals to form a Technology Committee to assist us in planning technology needs for our big TMS patient/caregiver conference in May 2019 (odd numbered years) and for our mini-conferences/regional support group meetings (even numbered years).  These individuals should be able to integrate audio/visual and internet items, help with streaming, recording, etc.  We are interested in an investigation of, or knowledge of, tools to use for patients to be able to remotely interact with support group meetings, webcasting speakers, etc.  Please fill out the volunteer form on the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/  specifying your job interest and IT experience.


Research Committee Writers and Data Reviewers:

The Research Committee is looking for PhD prepared or Master’s degree individuals with extensive experience to help write, edit, and otherwise review articles for peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters. This does involve a sizeable time commitment, a few hours weekly minimum on a consistent basis.  Please fill out the volunteer form on the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/ specifying this job interest and email your resume/CV to Susan.jennings@tmsforacure.org.  Dr. Jennings, Research Chair, is at the ECNM meeting Oct 8-Oct 23 and will respond when she returns.


Volunteer Nurses (RN):

Nurse volunteers are needed to help monitor the TMS Facebook page (or future Inspire forum), to respond to emails and/or to take phone calls from patients, caregivers, family members, physicians and other health care professionals. We will train you in promoting the mission of TMS. You can offer to volunteer any number of hours that you are able to. Any time you can give is much appreciated. We know there are a lot of nurses out there, and we hope to hear from many of you!

Nurses must have graduated from an accredited diploma program in nursing, associate degree program in nursing, bachelor degree program in nursing or higher, hold a current license to practice nursing in their home state, and we strongly advise that nurses carry nurse malpractice insurance that covers them as volunteers (i.e. Nursing Service Organization malpractice insurance). TMS has a general policy to cover us as a non-profit institution, which covers all volunteers, and we will be adding specific coverage for liability for nurses. If they have any additional initials or certifications after their name, such as RNC, copies of these certifications must be submitted to be kept on file to the Patient Care Coordination Chair along with a copy of their current license and insurance. Please fill out a volunteer form, specifying this job interest, at  https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/

[If you’re interested, we also love RNs to help exhibit at medical conferences.]

Fundraising Committee:

We need folks who could assist our Fundraising Chair, Courtney Rabb, dream up some fundraising ideas, followup on projects, help Support Groups get their activities off the ground, write thank you notes, etc.  Please fill out a volunteer form, specifying your job interest, at  https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/