Volunteer Job Postings

Volunteers Needed!

If you would like to volunteer for TMS, first please look over the many opportunities which are currently available and see if any of them match the gifts which you have to share. Then, please go to https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/ and fill out the Volunteer application and submit it to TMS. We look forward to reviewing it! Even if you do not see a volunteer opportunity that interests you below, do not hesitate to submit an application! We can always use help in other areas!




Stephen Rey is stepping down as treasurer for family reasons. We appreciate his dedication and volunteerism.   We have had a wonderful volunteer, Bonne Sica step in as interim treasurer while we do a search.  We are notifying the TMS nominating committee of this vacancy.  The Treasurer is responsible for handling all monies and funds for the society in conjunction with our accountant Nonprofit Capital Management of Worcester MA.  An independent auditing service is contracted to provide an annual review or audit.  The Treasurer and the Accountant will be responsible for providing a statement of accounts whenever necessary.  The Treasurer is responsible for preparing and presenting the annual Budget to the Board for a Board vote in the first month of the new year.  And is responsible for revising the budget as necessary throughout the year.  The Treasurer will collaborate with the fundraising chair on activities to raise funds to support the mission of the society.

The Treasurer is one of four officers on the BOD and is also a member of the TMS Executive Board.  BOD meetings are once a month, typically on Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm.

If interested please fill out a volunteer form from the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/ with relevant work experience which will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee.


IT Committee:

Looking for experienced computer, A/V and webinar individuals to form a Technology Committee to assist us in planning technology needs for our six mini-conferences in 2018 and our big TMS patient conference in 2019.  These individuals should be able to integrate audio/visual and internet items.  We are interested in an investigation of, or knowledge of, tools to use for patients to be able to remotely interact with support group meetings, webcasting speakers, etc.  Please fill out the volunteer form on the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/  specifying your IT experience.


Research Committee Writers and Data Reviewers:

The Research Committee is looking for PhD prepared or Master’s degree individuals with extensive experience to help write, edit, and otherwise review articles for peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters. This does involve a sizeable time commitment, a few hours weekly minimum on a consistent basis.  Please fill out the volunteer form on the TMS website https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/ and email your resume/CV to Susan.jennings@tmsforacure.org.  Dr. Jennings, Research Chair, is at the ECNM meeting Oct 8-Oct 23 and will respond when she returns.


Volunteer Nurses:

Nurse volunteers are needed to help monitor the TMS Facebook page, to respond to emails and to take phone calls from patients, caregivers, family members, physicians and other health care professionals. We will train you in promoting the mission of TMS. You can offer to volunteer any number of hours that you are able to. Any time you can give is much appreciated. We know there are a lot of nurses out there, and we hope to hear from many of you!

Nurses must have graduated from an accredited diploma program in nursing, associate degree program in nursing, bachelor degree program in nursing or higher, hold a current license to practice nursing in their home state, and we strongly advise that nurses carry nurse malpractice insurance that covers them as volunteers (i.e. Nursing Service Organization malpractice insurance). TMS has a general policy to cover us as a non-profit institution, which covers all volunteers, and we will be adding specific coverage for liability for nurses. If they have any additional initials or certifications after their name, such as RNC, copies of these certifications must be submitted to be kept on file to the Patient Care Coordination Chair along with a copy of their current license and insurance. Please fill out a volunteer form at  https://tmsforacure.org/community/volunteer/