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Mast Cell Defenders Video Game – Play the Game

A BIG THANK YOU to Ryan Hernandez and William Alexander for developing this great video game for TMS and for all those who want to defend their mast cells! Press “A” to move left, “D” to move right, and the “space” button to DEFEND THOSE MAST CELLS!

TMS thanks Girl Scouts, Megan and Lily, for helping us launch the Kids’ Corner section of our website, and Brooke, for lots of great ideas and motivation over many years!

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Coloring Pages

Spots Rule! Series

Got spots? Have fun exploring and coloring some of the amazing places where spots can be found.

Coloring Page #1      Coloring Page #2      Coloring Page #3      Coloring Page #4

Not Spotty, but Still Awesome! Series

No spots? That’s fine, too! Here you can find the same coloring pages as the link above, without the spots.

Coloring Page #1      Coloring Page #2      Coloring Page #3      Coloring Page #4


Spots Rule!

There are many amazing animals with spots! Some are swift and some are slow, some are big and some are small, but each one has its own special talent or unique feature. Do you have spots? Were you like a Dalmatian puppy dog, born without spots, only to have them appear later? What are your special talents?

Spots Rule! Jr-Matching Game

Puzzle      Answer Key

Spots Rule! Sr-Crossword

Puzzle      Answer Key

I’m a Superhero

Sometimes you just don’t feel well and it seems like you need the power of a superhero to feel better. Find your favorite superhero!

I’m a Superhero

Puzzle      Answer Key

Colors of the World

Did you know that colors can affect the way you feel? Some might make you happy and some might remind you of something silly, but you can put your imagination to work to help you solve this puzzle!

Colors of the World Jr-Matching Game

Puzzle      Answer Key

Colors of the World-Crossword

Puzzle      Answer Key

Find your Feelings

Sometimes it’s hard to say how you feel. Maybe you can’t think of the word to describe what’s going on or maybe you just don’t feel well enough or in the mood to talk about it. Use this puzzle to help let others know what you are going through, inside and out.

Find Your Feelings Jr-Alien Matching Game

Puzzle      Answer Key

Find Your Feelings Jr-Word Search

Puzzle      Answer Key #1      Answer Key #2

Find Your Feelings Sr-Word Search-Puzzle

Like the Jr word search but for those who have more feelings to share.

Puzzle      Answer Key #1      Answer Key #2

MCD Kids’ Gallery

Are you part of our MCD Kids’ community? Do you, a family member or a friend have a MCD? Share your stories, poems, drawings, other artwork, puzzles or activities on this site. For information on what you need to do and know to submit your work, please click HERE.