Helpful hints for living with the symptoms of mast cell disorders shared by patients living with these disorders – Stress Management

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Stress Management:

Stress and big emotions (good or bad) are among my worst triggers, and not entirely possible to avoid. I use a variety of stress management tools to help keep things better balanced. Deep breathing, guided meditation, prayer, journaling, painting, music, yoga and tai chi are all things that I’ve found very helpful. On that note: proper self-care is not a luxury. It is as necessary to my disease management as my meds.

I quilt or make jewelry.

I love snuggling with my dogs and taking them outside to play.

I love any kind of crafts. I lose myself in the joy of creating something.

I love to go kayaking. The rhythm of it soothes me.

Music relaxes me. I pretty much have it on in the background all day.

I do my old pregnancy La Maze breathing exercises.

After my dog of 14 years died- I had absolutely no reason to get up on bad days- so my husband bought me a puppy to love. She gets me up even on days I feel like death. I walk even it’s just a few minutes- even when I feel like death- because she depends on me. It is hard, but even on bad days it’s better to get up and move even a little. It’s good for blood flow and your lungs- all the valves in your legs- it sucks for sure- but it’s still good for me. On the days I’m puking and pooping up a storm- I have help with Bella and I resort to a funny movie while in bed, or a game of solitaire, or I “farm” and talk to the folks in my “neighborhood” online. I think staying connected to humanity is vital and keeps me from the depression that sits at my door.

I sew when my pain is bearable. I have a lot of games on my iPad for the days I can’t get up (my husband bought this for me to keep my mind busy when my body can’t be).

For my son it is knowing his limits and enforcing them no matter what others say, and music, music, music. It is what centers and calms him, I guess his version of meditating.

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