Helpful hints for living with the symptoms of mast cell disorders shared by patients living with these disorders – Spirituality & Faith

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Spirtuality and Faith:

I meditate everyday about sundown. I light a candle and pray for family and friends on my screened in porch.

I meditate every day without fail.

I start the day meditating, so that I am in a calm mood to meet the challenges I will face.

Remembering that the Lord is in control and that He can do anything. Trusting Him has been the most helpful thing in our journey. It is important to remember that every person reacts differently to different things and that even the tiniest change can make a difference.

I practice acceptance every day. Every day I am at different ability level – and I have to accept where I am that day, or hour. Getting upset only makes the symptoms worse.

I know that anaphylaxis is a constant risk for me. I choose joy every day, no matter what.

I pray and say a rosary whenever possible. It brings me peace and strengthens me.

The one thing that I love about the TMS community is that whenever anyone is sick or in trouble, you can go online to the TMS Facebook page and ask for prayers, and immediately, no matter what time of day it is, all these prayer warriors will start responding with prayers from all over the world. It is an amazing network of loving people, and it has saved me on many very bad days.

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