Helpful hints for living with the symptoms of mast cell disorders shared by patients living with these disorders – Excercise

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I exercise almost every day which helps with my dysautonomia symptoms.
I drink a lot of fluids and salt liberally (when exercising).
I avoid all triggers. I always have meds with me.

Moving my body but not overdoing exercise helps me a lot.

I subscribe to the histamine bucket theory. I do usually run several miles a week. Fresh air, sunlight (as long as it’s not too much), and sweating while moving really help me empty the bucket. (Note please that every patient is different. Some patients experience an increase in symptoms the minute they get warm enough to sweat. Pay attention to your symptoms and triggers and treat them accordingly!)

I started with small short walks to the end of the driveway and back. Now I am up to several miles a day. It helps with stress.

I choose foods that have higher levels of luteolin/quercetin. Olive leaf tea is a life saver, and I have it nearly daily (it has eliminated hives, and allowed me to change altitude with only sickness for a day or two). I have to pick my own leaves and I grow my own herbs.

I grow my own herbs – I react to all purchased herbs and spice, so far. This made a HUGE difference, although it may not be as helpful for those with salicylate issues. But It helped because when my diet fell to nearly nothing (went up and down a bit at first), the herbs would add in more nutrients AND enough variety that it helped to make my diet more flavorful.

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