TMS - Mast Cell Sarcoma

Clinical Trials

Mast cell disease patients can play a crucial role in developing new treatments. We are grateful to share clinical trial information from our partners that adhere to international regulatory and clinical standards and conduct ethical and transparent research.


The decision to participate in a clinical trial is one that you need to consider carefully. Educate yourself about the investigational drug as well as the clinical trial to assess:

  • Effectiveness and safety profile of the investigational drug
  • Risks and benefits of trial participation
  • Trial participation requirements (e.g. how many times you need to visit the clinical site)

One of the best sources of information is your physician(s) as well as the trial site investigator. 

It’s important to know that clinical trials are not treatments; they are research studies designed to answer very specific questions about a drug or procedure. When deciding to participate in a clinical trial you will need to weigh the potential trial benefits along with the associated risks.

Active Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an integral part of drug development and are required before a medicine can be available by prescription. Information on active trials, trials that are currently recruiting and those that will soon be recruiting can be found at the link below.

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