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In Memory of TMS Founding Member Rita Barlow

Apr 01, 2021

This week we lost a dear friend and advocate of the mast cell disease community, Rita Barlow. We are deeply saddened by this loss given her unwavering commitment to patients and TMS for many years. Rita served as TMS Chair from 2002-2009, Vice Chair 2009-2018 and as director emeritus after her retirement. Over the years, […]

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TMS Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Initiatives Update

Jun 30, 2018

Good day, The Board and committee volunteers at TMS have been increasingly aware of frustrations arising in several areas, specifically with difficulty accessing care and for both recognition and validation of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). Please know that we share your concerns and these issues are foremost in our minds every day. We are […]

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The Poet’s Corner

Jun 29, 2017

Welcome to The Poet’s Corner We would like to give members of our mast cell disorder community an opportunity to share their poems on this site. If you would like to submit a poem, please email it to Ode to a Mast Cell Flare by Kathy Bell, 2016 My skin, it itches, my eyebrows, […]

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Helpful hints for living with the symptoms of mast cell disorders

Feb 02, 2017

“Proper self-care is not a luxury. It is as necessary to my disease management as my meds.” Helpful hints for living with the symptoms of mast cell disorders shared by patients living with these disorders: Overall Stability Being Prepared Medical Alert Jewelry and Devices Eating at home and outside of the home Bone Pain Fatigue […]

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