A fighter from the start, he was born with a rare disease, Diffuse Cutaneous Mastocytosis.  Wyatt’s tiny body produces too many mast cells.  His skin blisters easily and he is at risk for severe anaphylaxis.  There is little known about Wyatt’s disease and there is a need for research, education, advocacy and resources for patients, their families, doctors, and caregivers.  Please join us and become a WYATT WARRIOR! Annually, Wyatt raises awareness through a fall Wyatt’s Walk and you may support the advancement of pediatric research by donating below. 


On February 21, 2004 our life changed forever. Our daughter, Sarah Gittleman, had an anaphylactic reaction to medication and almost died. During her recovery we found out that she had Systemic Mastocytosis. We did not know what that meant but found out quickly. Within the next four months her symptoms were rapidly increasing and by July, Sarah was diagnosed with Mass Cell Leukemia. Sarah passed away on December 21, 2004.  

Sarah was a typical 23 year old. who was a Michigan State graduate in accounting  wanted to be a CPA. 

As a Family, we wanted there to be a way to honor and remember Sarah. Since finding a cure is the most important thing to us we decided to create a research fund in Sarah’s name.

We hope that someday we will find a cure for this horrific disease and thank you for donating to this campaign.


The Mastocytosis Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your donations allow us to provide support to patients, families and medical professionals through outreach, education and advocacy. Thank you for supporting us in our mission to support others.


Ginger Elizabeth Newton, age 49, died in her home on October 15, 2016. Ginger was an active member of the TMS community and she will be sorely missed. Her support humor and inspiration will stay in our hearts. Please honor her memory by making a small donation to The Mastocytosis Society so they can continue their mission of research, education and advocacy.