The Board of Directors

Judith Emmel
Judith Emmel
Board Chair
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Courtney Rabb
Courtney Rabb
Vice Chair, Community Engagement
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Celeste Finnerty, PhD
Celeste Finnerty, PhD
Vice Chair, Research
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Rosemary Schultz, MBA
Rosemary Schultz, MBA
Interim Treasurer
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Jennifer Nicoloro-SantaBarbara, PhD
Jennifer Nicoloro-SantaBarbara, PhD
Board Member
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Ariella Cohen
Ariella Cohen Coleman
Board Member
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Medical Advisory Board

The Mast Cell Disease Society, Inc. is guided by a board of medical advisors who donate their time and expertise in support of our mission.

Sarah Glover, DO, AGAF
C Thorpe Ray MD Professor of Medicine | Chief of Gastroenterology & Hepatology John Deming Department of Medicine – Tulane University School of Medicine 131 S Robertson St Mail Code 8035, New Orleans, LA Clinical phone (504) 512-0052
Luis Escribano, MD, PhD
Coordinator, Spanish Network on Mastocytosis (REMA) Associated Research, Servicio de Citometria, Centro de Investigacion del Cancer, Universidad de Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain.
Peter Valent, MD
Professor, Scientific Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Cluster Oncology; Department of Internal Medicine I at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria; Head of the European Competence Network on Mastocystosis (ECNM), Vienna, AU.
Celalettin Ustun, MD
Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Hematology, Oncology and Cell Therapy, Director of Section of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Rush University, Chicago, IL. Email:; Phone: 888-352-7874 (appointment line)
Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD
Professor, Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University, Clearwater, FL. Email:; Phone: (813) 574-5218
Larry Schwartz, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Chair of the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology, and Program Director of Allergy and Immunology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.
Anne Maitland, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine in Allergy and Immunology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Medical Director of Comprehensive Allergy & Asthma Care, Tarrytown, NY. Email:; Phone: 914-631-3283; Fax: 914-337-8204
Nicholas Kounis, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine in Cardiology, Department of Medical Sciences, Patras Highest Institute of Education and Technology, Patras, Greece. Email:; Phone: +302610279579; Fax: +302610279579
Olivier Hermine, MD, PhD
Professor of Hematology at Paris V-Rene Descartes University; Chief of Adults Hematology Staff at Hospital Necker, Paris, FR. Email:; Tel: 33-1-44-49-52-82 (office)
Matthew Hamilton, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Division of Gastroenterology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA. Email:; Phone: 617-732-6389; Fax: 617-566-0338
Jason Gotlib, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine (Hematology), Director, Stanford Hematology Fellowship Program, Director, MPN Center, Stanford Cancer Institute, Palo Alto, CA. Email:; Phone: 650-725-0744 ; Fax: 650-724-5203
Tracy I. George, MD
Professor of Pathology, University of Utah at Salt Lake City; Executive Director, Clinical Trials and PharmaDx, Medical Director, Hematopathology, ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City, UT. Email:;Office: 801-583-2787
Cem Akin, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, University of Michigan, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Ann Arbor, MI
Ivan Alvarez-Twose, MD
Staff Physician and Clinical Coordinatro, Instituto de Estudios de Mastocitosis de Castilla La Mancha (CLMast), Toledo, Spain.
Marla Barkoff, MD
Endocrinologist, Integrative Endocrinology, Chicago, IL
Patrizia Bonadonna, MD
Allergy and Immunology Clinic, Verona General and University Hospital. Verona, IT.
Mariana Castells, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Harvard Medical School; Director, Mastocytosis Center of Excellence, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA.
Joseph Butterfield, MD
Professor of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Allergic Diseases; Director, Mayo Clinic Center of Excellence for Mast Cell and Eosinophil Disorders, Rochester, MN.
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