Announcing the new TMS Physician Database!


Exciting News! TMS proudly announces the opening of the new TMS PHYSICIAN DATABASE!!!

This online tool, featured on our website on the upper navigation field next to Membership, will be open for patients, caregivers and health care professionals to search for physicians who have self-enrolled and indicated that they will provide care for patients with mast cell disorders. At first, of course, the database will have only a few physician names in it until it becomes populated with physician entries. In a year, we hope that it will be full of names!

How can you help? While you cannot enter your physician’s information, you can send or give your physician the following link so he or she can SELF-ENROLL:

Once the physician enters his/her information, the entry will not go “LIVE” until the database nurse, Jan Hempstead, RN, or one of her nurse colleagues, verifies the information by contacting the physician by phone or email. Once that is done, the entry is activated, goes “LIVE” for all to see and use. There are no physician ratings on this database, and we encourage users to verify any information provided.

Plans are already underway to expand entry and search fields for international addresses and to add a translation service soon!

This database took nine months to develop with our dream team at Ministers of Design, and required months of testing and revision. We sought, and received, generous financial support to cover the $10,000 cost of web design from two biotech firms, for which we are very grateful.

This database has been a TMS goal for many years, and we are delighted to see it become a reality. The Medical Advisory Board members and others we have contacted are very excited about this! We hope that it will serve as an important tool to build first the Americas Network similar to the ECNM, and ultimately a global network. Please share the above link with your physician in hopes that we can build a terrific database to benefit our mast cell community!

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