Latest Mastocytosis Society Events

Support Group Meetings

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Masto 2017

I Jornadas Medicas
Sobre Patologia Mastocitaria
Murcia, 9 y 10 de marzo de 2017
Edificio Luis Vives. Salon de grados. Campus de Espinardo (Universidad de Murcia)

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TMS 2017 Walk-a-Thon

Each year, thousands of people participate in our annual walk-a-thin to raise money and awareness for Mast Cell Disorders. This year we invite you to create your own “Fundraiser Page” and share it with friends and family who will contribute to your effort of raising money for TMS.

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2018 Conference

The Mastocytosis Society, Inc will hold its next large scientific and support conference for patients, families and health care professionals in 2018. Various sites are under consideration.
In 2017, we will be hosting video conferences by mast cell specialists on selected topics. Stay tuned for updates!